Wall electrophysical dehumidification system with multi-frequency impulses technology

Genié is an exclusive wall electrophysical dehumidification system with “multi-frequency impulses” technology. Designed and made by Tecnova Group, which filed an international patent application, this is a small and yet extremely effective device that ensures permanent results against mould and rising damp. Genié completely eliminates the issue of capillary rising damp on any kind of wall, allowing it to dry permanently. Treated walls can therefore be restored and you can forget dampness, plaster damage, salt deposits and mildew stains once and for all. It is effective on any kind of wall.

Multi-frequency effectiveness

To permanently eliminate rising damp, Genié operates with multiple frequencies rather than just one. Genié generates an electromagnetic field inside the wall that interacts with water molecules and stops them from rising. Unlike other similar systems, based on single frequencies, Genié instead generates a train of impulses at various frequencies that provide excellent results on any kind of wall, regardless of the geometry of the capillary pores and the materials. The magnetic induction generated by Genié is less than the one generated by a light bulb.

Free advice and DIY installation

With an essential design and very small dimensions, Genié can also be placed behind furniture. You can also install it yourself by fastening it with simple screw dowels and a connection to a normal power socket. Upon request we provide a free technical advice service to check in advance any presence of rising damp and other contributing factors and, accordingly, to propose the best solution. Along with the Pro version, the technical support can include installation and monitoring by gravimetric method, CM (calcium carbide) method and thermography, as well as, if required, a device remote control system or even other solutions for the complete restoration of the building.

With Light and Pro, there’s a version to suit any kind of need

Genié Light

Genié Pro

Genié can dehumidify surfaces ranging from a few square metres up to – with its Pro models fitted with repeater systems – 5000 m2. With 10 models featuring various operating ranges, it is available in the Light version, the most economical one and suitable for independent installation, and in the Pro version, which is designed for professional use and requires installation by a technician. Therefore, with its wide range it can flexibly meet the needs of different building structures.


International pantent

100% effective and safe