Controlled mechanical ventilation with Gemini

To air interior environments, you can open the windows, but this compromises the internal thermal balance. Or you can use Gemini, the built-in ventilation unit that controls and manages indoor and outdoor air exchange. In fact, it is the ideal solution to ensure air renewal and, simultaneously, heat recovery, thus avoiding any heat or energy loss. Gemini allows the air inside buildings to circulate and to renew itself by exchanging it with outdoor air. In this way, stale indoor air is expelled and, simultaneously, outdoor air is allowed to enter the building. This exchange allows internal heat to be recovered in order to not lose the degree of energy efficiency and thermal insulation. The healthy ventilation provided by Gemini therefore helps maintain humidity and temperature balanced, increasing living comfort and preventing damage to the property (mould, stains, etc.) and to people (respiratory and musculoskeletal problems).

The built-in ventilation unit that controls and manages indoor and outdoor air exchange

The exhaust air releases its thermal energy to the ceramic heat exchanger that transmits it to the incoming air, after having filtered it carefully. The air introduced inside therefore appears to be the same temperature as the outgoing air.

Easy and quick to install

Gemini perfectly blends in with any environment thanks to its minimalist design. It can be installed on a perimeter wall with a thickness from 25 to 47 cm. It can be adapted to individual requirements, making it practical and handy.