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Our Solutions

The wall dehumidification for healthy and comfortable environments.

Deep-penetrating sealer that extends the life cycle of cement surfaces.

The built-in ventilation unit that controls and manages indoor and outdoor air exchange.

About us

Tecnova Group is a young and dynamic company, which, thanks to an innovative problem solving approach, offers reliable technological solutions that ensure energy savings, protection and consolidation of buildings, dehumidification and living comfort. In just a few years, it has become a benchmark company in these fields for architects, designers and construction companies. Present worldwide with numerous and varied application solutions, it is active abroad through Tecnova International.

Tecnova Group’s mission is to research, test and suggest new opportunities to improve existing buildings, making them more durable, resistant, healthier, safer and more eco-friendly. It is based on values such as respect for the environment and eco-compatibility, with an essential focus on technological innovation in order to go beyond what is known and find new solutions to old unresolved problems. But, above all, what emerges is the value of people. Of those who invent, work, live and inhabit. In fact, Tecnova Group envisages a world in which existing buildings unite with man and the environment for a common sustainable development project.

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